Zombie Pincusion Quest

starting map: C02 Vermin's Snye
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: Throwing Dagger Covered with Zombie Rot
link to map:C02 Vermin's Snye | Throwing Dagger Covered with Zombie Rot
optimal level: 22

I must find a dagger that is not ruined by zombie rot. Quest is got after a dagger covered in zombie rot looted from festering zombies is examined. You must kill about 20 zombies to get the quest item which is a really poor quality dagger. Compleate waste of time but if your like me and just quest for the sake of it its something to do.
(by Optec, Kabar, Runnyeye)

Map: C02 Vermin's Snye

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