The Age of Rediscovery Quest

starting map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos
starting location: 24
NPC: Scholar Demini
link to map:B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos | Scholar Demini
optimal level: 15

Quest: Look for pages from a book he's found.
#1 -- kill various animals (glade deer, young bears, timber wolves) to see if they have the pages (a bit of a logic stretch here, but it's a fantasy game)
#2 -- kill "unfriendly" or "cruel" forest wardens. These are the wardens in Archer's Woods.
#3 -- after killing 2 of them, evidently a dying warden said "it's under a rock" because you have to go looking for the rock the wardens buried the pages under. I found the rock at -839/708. It's fairly large, and the cursor identifies it when found.
(by angelgreen)

Map: B04 Qeynos: North Qeynos

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