Far Seas Supplier - Blood Ore Pick Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 09
NPC: Division Supplier Gaertarn
link to map:K00 Zek | Division Supplier Gaertarn
optimal level: 22

Gaertarn asks you to
#1 Find the Blood Ore Valley - 12
#2 Kill Tallon Miners (located at Blood Ore Valley) to find a used Blood Ore Pick
#3 Find an unused Blood Ore Pick and compare the two.
#4 Return to Gaertarn
(by Ametren Starmist, Oasis Server, Silver Fox Klan)
The pick is on the third level inside the mines. Not in the tunnels, jsut where those first 2 quarry elites that wander around the hole are. (by Ebina HealthBringer)

Map: K00 Zek

comments and responses

Pick at 297.12,-32.60, -131.49 top of spiral near cart.
29/01/2007 18:35
Siren Quest: 1) Go to Siren Cove - Loc (160, -40, 360) -- They are 37-38 Heroic Tripple-up Arrows 2) Harvest Marred Arbor for 10pcs of Driftwood 3) Harvest Mud Stone for 10pcs of Meerschaum 4) Speak to guy who gave quest!
25/11/2006 05:35
After the Snake Meance you need to go to Sirens Cove. Then you need to harvest something...forgot what now. For the Snake menace you need to go to Spirit Lake. Get 8 perfect poison sacs from the adders. Avout 40% chance of drop. Then inspect stump that is near Spirit Lake. Will update as I finish the Siren Quest.
03/03/2005 01:05
unused Blood Ore Pick at inside ore have a path to upper .. just follow the path to top then you can find it ,loc 296,-32,-131
16/02/2005 16:23
After doing this quest, it leads to yet another called 'Far Seas Supllier - Snake Menace. The NPC mentioned killing snakes, gettitng arrows, and finding the hermit near spirit lake. Just got the quest so i havent tried it yet
Balthor, lvl 31 Paladin, Unrest server
11/02/2005 21:05
I also am looking for the unused pick if anyone knows where it is.
05/02/2005 21:12
The pick is at the top of the mine when you climb along the ledge, running in circle along the wall, its near the elite orc.
29/01/2005 16:33
The pick is at the top of the inside of the mine laying against the wall. you have to travel up the inside spiral of the mine to get to it.
27/01/2005 22:07
Confirmed, it's by a mine card all the way up the inner walls of the mine. A few lvl 36 elites in the way, solo. I could barely kill one as lvl 30 pally. You can dodge all but one, the last one.
20/01/2005 05:20
Found the pick on the third level inside the pit. Just go up the ramp and you'll find it two levels above the bottom.
Elreth 33 Dirge Steamfont Server
19/01/2005 02:18

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