Becoming a Bruiser Quest

starting map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport
starting location: 08 The Freeport Militia House
NPC: Captain Monarvia
link to map:D07 Freeport: West Freeport | Captain Monarvia
optimal level: 18

1) Kill a Dervish Go-between (found anywhere between point 38 and 44 in the Commonlands
2) Report to Captain Monarvia
3) Kill Tonga the Beefus in the Storage Room in Serpents Sewer. When you start to win against her 2 Dervish Cutthroats will attack you. All bystanding Dervishes will flee from the room when she is defeated.
4) Report to Captain Monarvia
STEPS: 56 Freeport: West Freeport > 08 The Freeport Milita House 70 The Commonlands > 44 A Dervish Cutthroat 65 The Serpent Sewer > 05 to Storage Room
Reward: New fighter subclass at lvl 20
(by Creature (Unrest))

Map: D07 Freeport: West Freeport

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