Heritage: Foomby's Stolen Goods (Bag of Sewn Evil Eye ) Quest

starting map: L00 The Enchanted Lands
starting location: 08
NPC: Foomby Slopdigger
link to map:L00 The Enchanted Lands | Foomby Slopdigger
optimal level: 36

- Starts at Foomby Slopdigger in Enchanted Lands (-685,-638)
- Kill Darkflight Faeries
- Kill Chomper (-169,-503)
- Visit Bellendis Tempestcall (200, 260 - in the grainary)
- Kill 15 Lamias (within 20 minutes of the first kill)
- After the last of the 15 kills a named Nightblood Baz'Tarog (-481,-903) (he must be found and killed within 5 minutes)
- Return to Bellendis
- Return to Foomby (Everyone must hail and advance at the same pace or he despawns.)

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

1. Foomby gives out a Heritage Quest about a 20-slot backpack. Starting Level 32. Includes killing Fairys, named fish, and a named demon. (by Cyrdemac, Aes Sidhe, Valor)
2. Reward is evil eye bag worth detailing. (by Bogrog Shadowed Soul HH)

Map: L00 The Enchanted Lands

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