The Greater Flood of Blackburrow Quest

starting map: F01 Blackburrow I
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: item #1
link to map:F01 Blackburrow I | item #1
optimal level: 15

Drops of gnolls, chestdrop so need to be green. Reward: The Greater Flow of Blackburrow (housing item)
(by Seri)

1. Kill 5 Cave Shimmers in Blackburrow
2. Kill 8 Gnoll Guards in Blackburrow
3. Kill 6 Gnoll Tacticians in Blackburrow
4. Kill 5 Sabertooth Oracles in Blackburrow
5. Kill 6 Stalwart Sabertooths in Blackburrow
6. Kill 10 Blightfang Spiders in Blackburrow
7. Kill 7 Blightfang Spiders in Blackburrow
8. Kill 10 Blightfang Hatchlings in Blackburrow
9. Kill 6 Blightfang Broodtenders in Blackburrow
(by Gambit)

Map: F01 Blackburrow I

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