Hallmark: Path of the Swashbuckler Quest

starting map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor
starting location: 22 Dock by ramp
NPC: Arrell Silvertongue
link to map:B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor | Arrell Silvertongue
optimal level: 19

Arrell Silvertounge handles all the Qeynos Scout class level 20 quests. If you are a Rogue, he tells you to sneak around Blackburrow looking for anyone suspicious. Search near the brewmasters in Blackburrow lvl3 (04) to find 'Bucky'. (My character saw him even though I wasn't paying attention, and saw 'Return to Arrell' in the quest helper, then read the text update in my spam window.) Return to Arrell Silvertongue and he next sends you to South Qeynos to sneak through a meeting and retrieve information. (alt-w Tin Soldier waypoint, then look east at the door there.) Right-click the glowing door and it offers the option 'Enter the Meeting.' Put on your best sneak and click the door. There are three locations to inspect items: 1) basement on the desk in the very back room, 2) second floor above the door (secret panel along the ledge) and, 3) top floor in the alcove with the globe on a shelf. (Warning: Wandering guards on top floor see through Smugglers Talent.) My quest was completed after inspecting the books in the basement on the table (the other two inspects might be optional, broken or content for people who dont read this guide). /wink After you get the note and start walking out, you will go 'vis' and be attacked. Run! Return to Arrell Silvertongue for your reward: Arell's blade of quickness, and the designation of Swashbuckler! (once you reach lvl 20).
Arell's blade of quickness Dual Wield Rapier, Dmg: 3-9 (4-13 @ 24) Delay 1.2, +3agi, +2str, +9heath, +5power.
(by Vrah, Swashbuckling Alchi of Faydark.)

Map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor

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