Gauntlets of Hate Quest

starting map: H03 Fallen Gate
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: a dark pair of gauntlets
link to map:H03 Fallen Gate | a dark pair of gauntlets
optimal level: 23

These are a dark pair of gauntlets indeed. Features of the gauntlets are difficult to distinguish. You've never seen such a dark empty finish before. Collect 2 separate sets of parts, then kill 99 (yes 99) creatures in FG.
Quest reward:- Gauntlets of Hate, Heavy Armour, AC 98 at lvl 25, +4 agi, +5 wis, +13 Health, +19 Power, +140 vs disease, +60 vs heat.
(by Ashkanar, Warlock, Splitpaw Server)

Map: H03 Fallen Gate

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