Far Seas Requisition #ANT0437 Quest

starting map: F00 Antonica
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: Far Seas Requisition
link to map:F00 Antonica | Far Seas Requisition
optimal level: 17

Fill order of: Five Haze Kodiak furs, Two Stonejaw Lizard Skulls. Haze Kodiak furs in Hidden Vale, East of Steppes platform. level 18 or so to solo, bring a group is better though. Stonejaw lizards by Oracle platform, level 16 or so. Optimal level would be probably 20-21 (guessing, I am 18 Crusader and did Kodiaks with 18 Cleric with no problems, could not do alone) Turn in at Far Seas traders, Lighthouse. Reward: 1 Silver, 45 Copper. Note: Haze Kodiaks are all grouped mobs

Map: F00 Antonica

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