The Ancient Watcher Quest

starting map: F00 Antonica
starting location: 88
NPC: Sir Forgot
link to map:F00 Antonica | Sir Forgot
optimal level: 33

4 types of Haste Ring, each with 9 AGI for the Ancient Ring, 9 WIS for the other, INT and STA...etc. No Tanks are gimped. The Ancient Watcher is a late 30 raid mob, You MUST get a 40+ MT to do this quest if you are below 40, as Ancient Watcher hit for 1k plus(Done with a 45 Berserker once and a 45 Guardian once). With a 40+ MT all the stuff in there are grey and you can run ard easy and get to complete the quest faster. Kill all the skeleton that are trigger at each of the non-attackable Gagoyles. Once you killed all 4 ske the Gagoyles will be attackable. Kill all 4 Gagoyles and the Ancient Watcher will now be attackable. Btw the Ancient Watcher have more HP than Naggy ;p MT just melee the thing, ranger/ass arrow it from a safe spot. Main thing is to only let the MT take dmg. Don't be a hero or the healers will go OOP healing ur sorry butt and will have no power to heal the MT later. It's a instant zone so you can't form a raid group of 2 to kill it. MT Melee the thing at it's spot, the rest can back up from to a distance where you won't get hit by AE. But if your group are all 40+ then i guess it will be easy. Ancient Watch AE with a knockback type spell also and it's mean. Use HoT type of heal if you are a drood or instant heal. Don't bother abt Reactive heal. After you had killed it. Go back to the NPC Merchant behind Oracle Tower and get ur reward. NPC name is Sir forgot name but he is beside the merchant npc that sell u the key. Remember to get the quest from him before you head to the catacombs.
(by Uilamvan, Circle of Kakis, BlackBurrow)

Map: F00 Antonica

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