Memorial of Vengeance Quest

starting map: F05 Stormhold Keep I
starting location: 05
NPC: Quatermaster Berlon
link to map:F05 Stormhold Keep I | Quatermaster Berlon
optimal level: 23

Memorial of Vengeance is given to you once you examine the coin from Quartermaster Berlon. (Cleansing the Filth reward.)
First you need the access quest to Fallen Gate, that's pretty easy.. Sneak into Sprawl, from sprawl to Serpent Sewers, From Sewers to Thieves way, and thieves way to North Freeport, the NPC is right next to where you exit.
Once you'v gained access, examine the pillars in "First Gate", kill zombies for 8 quest items.
Reward: "Spectral Dragon Mediallion" +6sta +3str +20hp +10pwr +80heat +120cold +27AC Type: Neck, Skill: 90-120
*This Quest is Repeatable* PS: If you wish to proceed with the Memorial of Power or Darkness, simply say no when it promts you for quest, and examine again :)
(by Seri)

Map: F05 Stormhold Keep I

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