Heritage: By Hook or By... (Heirophant's Crook) Quest

starting map: L01 Rivervale
starting location: 26
NPC: Rukir Pineleaf
link to map:L01 Rivervale | Rukir Pineleaf
optimal level: 40

Go to Rurik in Rivervale. Then you must kill 100 Nighbloods for their horns.
- Return to Rurik.

- Visit Rukir Pineleaf (-806, -6, -276) in Rivervale
- Collect 100 horns from nightbloods in Rivervale
- Speak with Rukir
- Enter the Tower of the Drafling (requires access)
- Get Jum Jum Juice (353.14, +20.73, +103.96)
- Visit Rukir (One person can remain inside to hold the instance open as there are no respawns!)
- Visit the Queen's Chamber (+477.45, +34.15, -27.65)
- Asajj An'duuth + assassins will spawn
- Return to Rukir
- Deliver some vegetables to Franny in Rivervale (in the Fool's Gold at -83.21, -14.44, -25.44) (This is a timed step, everyone should hail and advance at the same pace. Her respawn time is ca. 40 minutes.)
- Return to Rukir and defeat him (Again, these hails should be timed or he will become aggressive before everyone has a chance to hail.)

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

Map: L01 Rivervale

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