Heritage: An Eye For Power (Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch ) Quest

starting map: N00 Everfrost
starting location: 05
NPC: Master T'Lys
link to map:N00 Everfrost | Master T'Lys
optimal level: 40

- Visit Master T'Lys in Everfrost (+80.5, -19, +81.5)
- Acquire 4 pieces of his shattered wand, semi rare spawns:
Red Shard: In the behemoth area
Blue Shard: In the cat/stag area
Green Shard: In the terrors area
White Shard: In the cougar area
- Return to Master T'Lys, Kill 3 leaders of the tribes:
- Slay all the minotaurs at one of the campfires and kill Bloodrage
- Slay all the goblins and kill Webclaw (+511, -1400)
- Slay all the Numbfoots around the tree in the cougar/stag area then kill Icebrun
- Go to Miragul's Menagerie, kill everything inside. (One person must have access.)

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

Map: N00 Everfrost

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