Prayer Journal Retrieval Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 06 Citadel of Gul'Thex
NPC: Captain T'sanne
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | Captain T'sanne
optimal level: 25

Quest from Jhos T'Sein in Nektulous Forest, he wants "information as to the Gods worshipped at an altar". Constructs are PH's for the priests you need to collect a prayer journal from. This quest is the follow-on after completing "Delving into Fallen Gate" and "Journal Translation for Tundis".
(by Ashra)

• go to: H03 Fallen Gate -> 16b
and: Priest of Byzola, Priest of Dymetra.

Map: H03 Fallen Gate

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