Hallmark: Path of the Monk Quest

starting map: B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove
starting location: 07
NPC: Sensei Makoto Shoda
link to map:B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove | Sensei Makoto Shoda
optimal level: 19

For the first part he asks you to kill 25 Gnolls that poses a threat to you (so no grey ones here, one good place is along Qeynos Highway just abit SE of Tower of Vhalen). Next he asks you to go to Starcrest and get water from the fountain, and return without spilling a drop. To fill water from the fountain, just klick the center of the fountain (wich can be found at 769.01, 280,67 in Starcrest). This is abit tricky, as you may not spill any water, the info i could find about this differs some, it does look as if you need to take it careefully around stairs and gates, and just do it over again if you fail (got mine right on the second atempt, and i did run some so its not needed to walk all the way. Lastly he wants you to defeat Elrea Na'tulrae, a monk of his order that has fallen to darkness. You will be transported to her with the aid of the local druids, as soon as you agree to take her on you will be zooned. You will not spawn right next to her, but along a short path leading to her, so you wont get jumped as soon as you enter. To go back to Makoto after you defeet her dont go back along the path, continu on a short bit to a small statue where you meditate. This will bring you to the entrance of Vale of Shattering (right next to Stormhold Keep), wich is probably where you fought her. Return to Sensei Makoto Shoda and recieve your reward. The reward is not only the honnor of becoming a monk, but allso a verry nice staff "Makoto's Bo Of Striking".
(by Fluxtrasan)

Map: B05 Qeynos: The Elddar Grove

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