Hail to the Sullon Heroes Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 41 Tomb
NPC: a tomb
link to map:K00 Zek | a tomb
optimal level: 30

Find gravestones around that is matched with Sullon heroes.
(by Einawiz, butcherblock)

Map: K00 Zek

comments and responses

Sullon gravestone loc #1(-334.32,-471.96) #2(36,-358) #3(-15,-398) #4(-111.06,-260) #5(-188,-303)
05/11/2005 10:14
Anyone have the loc (###,###) for these?
Rybay, 34 Paladin
02/09/2005 07:58
There is also one alone the back wall of the charred vale area. Also you can go back and collect the same stone more than once for your updates, just takes some time for the stone to repop
23/07/2005 21:34
found the next two south west of the bridge following the rocks. First one was directly behind (SW) of a large rock and the second was a little farther along on a small hill against the rocky wall. the next one was almost directly south of the bootstrutter's marker, near the cliff face. The last one was north of the Deathfist lookout spire. I had scouted out the entire location before I found the one behind the tent, there had not been anything there at the time and this was the order I found them in afterwards. Was in stealth mode entire time, no problems.
Bronwyn Banshae, Unspeakable Violent, 36 Dirge
26/06/2005 11:25
thats the second tent south of the bridge of Zek
Bronwyn Banshae
26/06/2005 11:04
found one behind tent near bridge of Zek.
Bronwyn Banshae
26/06/2005 11:01
This quest is easly done IF a grp member has way to stealth the whole grp. if not,to lvl 33 rngr everything was bright red flashing! need 1 more marker ,will update wen found.
Thornleaf,COMRADES IN ARMS,Oggok,34 rngr
08/04/2005 21:11

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