19 sunken ship

map: G00 Thundering Steppes

19 sunken ship
(Coordinates: 1520,326) submit help info
The /loc for this is: 1680; [-88 (underwater)]; 306 (out of this map)
Looking at your existing TS map it is a good distance west (left) of location #14 (Cassondra/Zail Smoothmane). The map DOES extend that far, trust me. It way out in the ocean there. It's a sunken ship with glowing power source in it. Guarded by some sharks
Took me forever to find this because the in game map fools you into thinking there'd be nothing out there. When I was sitting over the power source in the shipwreck and hit M for map I could barely see the edge of the red dot depicting my location...
(by Leif | Guk Server)

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