04 Explorer's Haven
(Hidden Camp)

map: M00 Feerrott

04 Explorer's Haven
(Hidden Camp)
(Coordinates: -90,172) submit help info
(by Kaimi from Valor-Server)
Rada Stoutheart Rada is "Red" from the second part of the "A Vision of Fear" access quest given by Turtle.
(by Beri, Mythic Heroes, Lavastorm)
Kai Vhri'Jah
Quest: The Mark of the Adumbrate  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Access quest. (by Beri, Mythic Heroes, Lavastorm)
General Fandrak Orc General. (by Beri, Mythic Heroes, Lavastorm)
Quest: Horn of Phrotis  (42lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
[you must do "Hearts of Ice" quest first]

- Kill 10 Kromise in Permafrost.
- Find Horn of Phrotis in Permafrost and return to the General.
Quest: The Soul of Tarinax  (37lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Enter the Obelisk of Lost Soul (you must have done the access quest) and then:
1. Examine an urn in the room with the spiraling stair case [-20, 330]
2. Kill: Shadowed Riftwatchers, Shadowed Evocators, Shadowed Soulflayers
3. Return to the urn and examine it again.
4. Kill Shadowman Acolytes until quest updates.
5. Return to the urn and then to the General Fandark.

[unlocks "Heaert of Ice" quest]

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