79 Obsid Boulderboom

map: G00 Thundering Steppes

79 Obsid Boulderboom M
(Coordinates: 820,1010) submit help info
Named Giant that roams in this area, small area, am sure he's a quest giver or mob for quest, he's looking for a pet named Tarby Level 30++. (by Ngruk of Drow, Unrest Server)
Obsid Boulderboom
Quest: Little Tarby Lost  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Save Tarby from pack of wolves 3 times. Third time will have a Dire wolf. Then return to Obsid Boulderboom with Tarby.
Quest: Heritage: An Axe From The Past (Polished Granite Tomahawk)  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
- Talk to Obsid Boulderboom in Thundering Steppes (this requires the giant language quest)
- Find, speak to, defend and return with Tarby (Little Tarby Lost)
- Examine Cracked Hand Axe (start heritage quest)
- Mine 10 pristine granite pieces from Windswept Rocks in the Thundering Steppes
- Harvest or purchase a sparkling flower and piece of ash. Combine in a forge with the granite, the tomahawk and a dull brown coal. (This is a level 9 tradeskill recipie thus you must be at least level 9 artisan.)
- Speak with Obsid
- Kill 100 Skelletons
- Speak with Obsid
- Kill 25 Skindancer Golls within one hour (found near the entrance to Splitpaw in Thundering Steppes)
- Kill Octogorgon in the Cove of Decay in Thundering Steppes (one person must have access and this is a 12 man raid zone)
(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)
a) He gives you an Axe. Which lead to another quest to find 10 pristine granite (mine from wind stones) to repair the axe before you will receive it.
b) After mining for Pristine granite you will recieve 1 Granite stone and 1 Recipe note for Polish Granite Tomahawk. If you meet the requirements to put together ( Recipe requirement artisan 9 ) you can do it your self. Note you will also need a rare ( Fir wood ) to complete.
c) After making the Tomahawk i returned to Obsid and he told me to kill 100 skeltons to sharpen the Tomahawk. After completeing that i recieved a Sharpened Tomahawk. (NOTE: I did not have the Tomahawk on me when i went back to obsid...when he he gave me the sharpened axe the old one was still in my bank....:) bug...maaaaaybe.)

Currently on 3rd part of An Axe from the past.....kill 25 Skindancers in 59 minutes.
(by Lethalpierce)

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