79 digger wasps

map: H00 The Commonlands

79 digger wasps M
(Coordinates: 29,-45) submit help info
Commonlands Creature Cataloging. (by Alexxandra)
a clump or rocks
Quest: The Giggling Orc   (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
In between these stones, I have found a parchment. Seemingly a wanted poster with a picture of a smiling Orc. I must slay all Orcs I see until that giggling Orc is found.
The quest is found under a clump or rocks in the Commonlands at the given co-ordinates. Any Orcs can be slain, eventually you will find the grinning orc and the quest is completed - Disappointingly, there is no reward, but much kudos in killing such a smug Orc!!
(by Bovorus, Legion of the Black Rose, Lucan Dlere)

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