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Tattered Robe Normal Chest Drop.
Quest: Stitches in Time  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This quest is dropped by anything in the Feerrott, though stated by a developer mostly by Huuptics on the beach by the docks, in a normal chest (extremely rare). The dropped item is called a "Tattered Robe" and if you get the tattered robe you can examine it and get the quest regardless of level, thus there is no level requirment.
The quest entails getting 20 mining updates from any Tier 5 mining spot, 10 updates from any Tier 5 gathering spot, and a fine hair which can be obtained off of Vale Nymph Seedlings in Rivervale (beware it's like a mastery update).
The reward is "The Robe of the Invoker:" Lore/Attuned (maybe no Trade after the Feb 17th patch not sure) +10 Agility +6 Strength +5 Intelligence (Supposedly after the patch I have not confirmed it myself) +20 Health +36 Power +194 Disease +532 Magic Proc: Essence Replenishment (faster regen in and out of battle, much less substantial in battle) AC: 182 (when mastered) Skill: Very Light Armor Required: 200 Mastery: 240 Slot: Chest Weight: 0.8
(by Daerovyn, Server Toxxulia)
Ivory Dice
Quest: Roll of the Dice  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This quest is triggered by examining "Ivory Dice" a random chest drop in the zone. When examined, you are given a random kill task of two different types of mobs, usually 1-6 total of each. When completed, a small amount of xp and coin is rewarded. (by joce)
something #1 - FE
Quest: Access Quest: A Vision of Fear  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
[ Quest description from OGaming - link: EQ2 Database ]

This is an access quest for the Trembling Lagoon. It is initiated when you walk through the tunnel near the docks in Feerrott (+60, +5, -70).

The first step is to "seek answers from a native". The person you must speak with is Turtle. He wanders the jungle not far from the docks.

Turtle will ask you to search for Red. "Red" is Rada Stoutheart at the Hidden Camp (-121, +13, +186). She will ask you to kill 3 Evol Ew Thulian Neophytes in Feerrott (+31.1, -13, +390).

You must now sift through the evidence of the explorers. You do this by examining a skeleton at +156.56, -9.27, +167.42 in the Feerrott. This is in one of the Neophyte camps.

You must then examine a Journal in a Neophyte Camp in Feerrott. This is at +21.56, -5.35, +507.46 or +17.20, -12.33, +387.34 or -318.16, -3.74, +576.98 or +21.27, -12.17, +390.95.

You will need to talk to the Eye of Thule. The eye of Thule can be found at -322.5, +9.82, +850.03.

After you talk to the Eye of Thule, he will then send you out to collect 4 pieces to an amulet which can be found off of the Modinite Fugitives. Known locations:

-263.27, -13.28, 923.04
-219.56, -1.10, +679.56
-704, +867
+60, +26, +940
-312, +592
-1103, 0, +915
-1117, 0, +764
-750, +206
-1237, +92
-447, 0, +301
-429.12, -6.41, 669.36

After you find and kill the Modinites, you must then speak to the "Final Modinite". She is called an Inquisitor Prisoner and is in one of the lizardman camps at -703.36, -0.24, +877.15.

Once you talk to her, return to you'll return to the Eye of Thule, who will ask you to kill 6 Fetid Rallosian Allegiants near the Tower of Vul.

After you kill those 6, return to the Eye, and he will give you the "Runes of the Great Eye". Examine this item and it will send you out to visit each of the four broken hands of Thule. The hands are at:

-1024, 835
-245, 695
-115, 262
-1286 468

You just need to run up and touch each one with your body, not double click it. Once you have found all 4, you just need to head to the tunnel that leads to the Trembling Lagoon (-903, -9, +319). This closes the quest and grants you access.

Submitted By Corinthia
Distressed Merchant - FR
Quest: Catalog: The Feerrott Creature Cataloging  (40lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Thulian Puzzle Box
Quest: Language: Fearful Words  (1lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
A Wooden Mask It drops on Evol Ew lizardmen.
Quest: Through Another's Eyes  (37lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
"Avenge the sacrificed and slay the lizard folk" 0/20. (by Palar, Brells Fallen, Neriak Server)
Reptile Reduction
Quest: Reptile Reduction  (37lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
While venturing through the feerrott i found what i believe are notes from another explorer : Slay many large lizards.
1. Slay 20 large lizards. (plenty lizards rigth after the docks and around the camp, some lizards grouped others single mob : muck dreg, greenblood dreg, carrion dreg...)
Reward : 1% XP at level 37.
Quest repeatable
(by Pierpoljak, mistmoore server)
Worthless Slug
Quest: Worthless Slug  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
While venturing through the feerrott i found what i believe are notes from another explorer. 1. Slay 10 "Bitter blooms", right after feerott docks and around camp N°32-33 there'r soloable bitter bloom (level 37 or 38 mob). Reward : 1 % XP at Level 37.
Quest con yellow at level 37. Easy to solve at 37.
(by Pierpoljak, mistmoore server)

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