01 Timerk - Status Riddle

map: M04 The Lost Village of Kugup

01 Timerk - Status Riddle
(Coordinates: 0,0) submit help info
(Answer: Brunk, Barzan, Vrack, Kaznar, Krunk)

level 20 quest all you need to do is the following:
1.Go into tent
2.You will see some troll totems on the floor and 5 platforms, 1 for each troll, each from left to right, 1st place in race to 5th place in race.
3.Place the following totems in the following places: 1.Brunk 2.Barzan 3.Vrack 4.Kranzer 5.Krunk
4.Go and speak to Timerk again and finish the quest.
(by Godatte, "The Ainur", Runnyeye, 32 Ranger)

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