04 Euurp + 4 Frogluk Children

map: M04 The Lost Village of Kugup

04 Euurp + 4 Frogluk Children
(Coordinates: 0,0) submit help info
Frogluk History Quest. (Answers: Trolls, Eggs, The Rendering.)

You will recieve a book, KEEP THIS BOOK AS IT IS VALUABLE.
1.Skim-read the book
2.Answer 3 Questions, I found the answer to 4:
1.The Froglock God: 1. Brell <-----Wrong 2.Cazic <-----Wrong 3.Mithaniel <-----Right
2.Something about an army and froglok on edge of extinction 1.Rallos Zek <----- ?Not Sure? 2.Cizic <----- Wrong 3.BristleBane <----- ?Not Sure? (Please Post the answer to this question if you get it)
3.Grobb Renamed after Troll Defeat to: 1.New Guk <----- Wrong 2.Frooaka <----- Wrong 3.Gukta <-----Right
4.What did Ogres fight without? 1.Honour <----- Right 2.Torches <----- Wrong 3.Clothing <----- Wrong
5.What was the far from current fate(or something along the line) 1.Turning into toadmen <----- Wrong 2.Indentured Servitude <----- Wrong 3.Oblivion <----- Right
If you get any of these questions, these are the right answers. GOOD LUCK AND...KEEP THE BOOK!
(by Godatte, "The Ainur", Runnyeye, 32 Ranger)

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