05 Oakmyst great bears

map: B15 Oakmyst Forest

05 Oakmyst great bears M
(Coordinates: 979,-285) submit help info
(lvl 10, solo, aggressive)
Old Note random drop
Quest: Druid's Legacy  (15lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
I found and old note wrapped around the neck of a great bear in the Oakmyst forest. Apparently it was written by an old druid who lived here in the forest who left something behind for those like me who will spend time in the forest. (by Jebez)
Examine note. Go to the sloshed tree in middle of clearwater pond. Go to the tree outside the teardrop cave (up from the corrupted dryads). Reward: copper 58, sparkling star hoop (+1vs disease +3vs magic AC7 (by Rosacruz | Lucan DLere server)
Grubdigger (by Gohst_)

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