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Pacificator Merrek Provide players with the choice of Quellious the Tranquil as thier god.
(by Zapo Stormlight, Viatores Norrathae, Antonia Bayle)
Quest: At Peace With the Past  add / see comments | submit help info
This is the First of the Quests to give faction with Quellious.
Initially on speaking to Merrek, as expected you have to sit and meditate beffoire he will talk to you. When he does - the quest is offered...
Step 1) I need to find Galabo - You can find him at 47 on the Map - again a sit and wait till he speaks to you again - he tells you his life story - you have to speak a few times to him until you get the final update - Return to Merrek.
Step 2) Feed the Yarpsnarl near Galabo - so back, this time giving food to the nasty yapping Kobold! Right Click on the Kobold and Feed - end of Quest! REWARD - Humble Alter of Quellious (for your rooms) & 1250 Faction

(by Ethiran, The Professor, Lucan Dlere Server)
Quest: Peace of Mind, Peace of Body  add / see comments | submit help info
The Second Quellious Quest ((note now - have 10gp with you when you start!)) Speak With Merrek to gain the Quest - must have completed the first (AT Peace With The Mind)
STEP 1) Go To The Ancient Rings In Greater Faydark (loc 37 Greater Faydark Map, Loc -298,28) - sit and meditate a while until updates.
STEP 2) Seek a Small Island in Butcherblock Bay, from it you can hear the sirens sing. Head to Tidesylph Isle (loc 537, -101) A Feeling of Tranquility will wash over you. Meditate there until update - Return to Merrek.
STEP 3) Look for Sam in the Steamfont Mountains - this is Sister Sam (the cunning swines). Sister Sam is found close to Gnomeland Security (loc 54 at loc -668, 940). You speak to her, giving her a note and she attacks (30 Lv 1 down). After the fight, speak to her and she gives you 'a Sparring Partner' in your inventory. Once ready - examine the device - a Sparring Partner appears - kill this, unfortunately the device breaks and you need to seeka Gnome who can fix the device. Climb up to Gnomeland Security and find Julius (loc 54, loc -613, 995). He fixes the device BUT it costs 10gp - so have the money with you!! After the device is fixed - return to Sister Sam - she asks you to meditate with her a while, finally you give her the device back - and Return to Merrek.
Sit meditate with the fellow - and End of Quest!
REWARD +2500 Faction Quellious
Symbol of The Tranquil's Might (+8 STR, +8 STA, +40 Health, +10 Power, +332 Vs Heat, +322 Vs Cold)
Symbol of The Tranquil's Mind (+8 INT, +8 WIS, +10 Health, +40 Power, +332 Vs Magic, +322 Vs Mental)

(by Ethiran, The Professor, Lucan Dlere Server)

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