01 to West Freeport

map: H00 The Commonlands

01 to West Freeport
(Coordinates: -1330,44) submit help info
Constable Calvin Constable Calvin stands just outside the gate of the Commonlands/West Freeport on the left.
Quest: Front Yard Clean Up!  (9lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Constable Calvin sends you to the Commonlands to kill 6 Speckled Rattlers.
Submitted by Sherrie
also can get "Kill 6 Banded Armadillos" (by Jason)
Inquisitor Irizan
Quest: Do or Die, Says Izian  (12lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Speak to Merchant Edmond at the Crossroads
Quest: A Friend In Need  (15lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
You are sent to talk to Nethet by Brandus about his missing shipment. Before Nethet will help you he needs you to complete a quest. Go to the Smugglers Dock (#58 on the map) and talk to a ratonga named Nikora. You must crouch down to talk to him. Nikora will tell you to kill 20 Blackshield Assasins (lvl 20) and return to him. After you kill the assasins Nikora will send you back to Nethet who will in turn send you with a note to Jereth Blackshield at the smuggler dock. The note is a bet that you can't beat 3 of Jereths men (lvl12) in a battle to the death. Kill all three men and return to Nethet to get your reward for helping Nikora. After you finish this quest, Nethet will give you information to finish "The Missing Mysterious Shipment" quest.
Reward at the end was 20+ silver and a choice of magic bracelet, necklace or belt. (by Kuma, Brawler - Oggok server)

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