15 Bridge Keep

map: G00 Thundering Steppes

15 Bridge Keep
(Coordinates: 200,-200) submit help info
Gates are closed at 7am to 7pm.
Turgen Bremhurst
Quest: Bridge Keep Threats  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Kill 9 creatures (centaurs, undeads...)
(by Seri)
Captain Sturman (by Mostal)
Quest: Outland Brigade Reports  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Outland Brigade Reports (25+lvl) Starts at Captain Sturman (at 15, Bridge Keep). Must complete the Communiqué quests for Captain Eitoa in Antonica first. (unconfirmed) Captain Sturman will ask you to get the reports from his scouts around Thundering Steppes.
Scout Kaylinn (apx. Loc: 1342,-226) On the ledge overlooking the Sabertooths, north of the westernmost beach.
Scout Deeryen (Loc: 899, 1178) A large cluster of three rocks along the coast line that can be inspected. Inspecting those causes Deeryen to spawn.
Scout Eldyum (Loc: 640, -167) At the northern edge of The Village of Thundermist are two defenders. Centaurs will attack from the west. When the third wave of Centaurs comes, walk around the rocks just west of the defenders at the edge of town. Eldyum will spawn there. No need to kill the centaurs.
Scout Cendalya (loc: 1408, 309) Located at the south end of the western most beach on the cliffs overlooking the bay. Will spawn when you get close.
Scout Dinardo (around Varsoon's main entrance, -650, 686) Dinardo was killed, eaten, by skeletons. Kill Skeletal Troopers or Lieutenants that are just north of Varsoons entrance. Requires 27+ level mobs, can be Solo versions.
Reward is a nice belt, 40ish silver, and about 15% experience @ lvl 28 (pushed me 2% in to 29). Sorry, don't have name. Orange to a lvl 29 and has great stats. Exact reward may change with class.
(by Uleras, Ancient Guardians, Antonia Bayle)

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