F04 Firemyst Gully Map

Outline of this map is based on Raetsel Map http://www.fo0bar.org/everquest2.html, thanks :)
Level Range 20 - 30
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Map Legend:

01 to Antonica [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: -1190,710) add / see comments | submit help info
02 [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: -1101,736) add / see comments | submit help info
Sir Thothur Dorarr
Quest: Cleansing of the Firemyst Gully  (18lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
I need to fight back the undead army of Firemyst Gully. - Not completed it yet. (by jeminune - runnyeye)

lvl 18+, full group, two healers Spoiler: After you comple the Lord Grimrot's Scythe quest you are now flagged for an instance of FMG that has living dwarves inside... you must have at least one person flagged and he/she must take the group inside... once inside you can run to the dwarf camp and talk to Sir Thothur Dorarr to start the quest... every one should do this... next step is one person in the group has to buy a shovel to dig up graves... the graves are located all around the center tower... when you are ready work your way up to the tower and kill as many undead as it takes for every one in the group to get quest credit for the kills... after you finish that first part, go back to Sir Thothur Dorarr and get the next step... you will have to destroy 8 sigil and burn 2-4 corpses hanging around the tower... make sure every one in the group buys a torch from the Brother that is a merchant... they are lore and specifit to this zone so regular torches don't work... work your way around the edge of the zone... you will find the sigils usualy guarded by a group of mobs... as you work your way around you will cross the three towers around the edges of the zone... kill the brutes at each of these towers... if you skip this step you will die in the final battle... I will explain this better later... after you destroyed the 7 sigil that suround the tower... burned the 2-4 corpses that are guarded by the same mobs that guard the sigils... you now have only one sigil left in the center tower... it is guarded by Galintari... very tough mob and has a nasty AoE spell... DO NOT ATTACK HIM YET! if you fail to do any of the follow 3 things you will die... you must kill the 3 brutes at the towers... you must dig up every grave and kill what comes out... and you must burn every corpse... if you do not do this you cannot engage (meaning cause damage) to Galintari... also if you skip as step anything that you left behind will aggro! and yes we've seen 50+ skellies aggro because of this... you do not have to clear the zone... just the graves, 3 brutes, and burn corpses... then you can engage Galintari... so after you do all this you are ready to fight him... what I recomend is have a scout handy for this... have him go invis and sneak into the tower to get the last sigil that is right behind Galintari... after you get all the sigils go back the dorf camp for quest prize... there are 6 choices to choose from and all are very nice... now you have finished this quest... but if you wish you can take the named for bigger prizes ;) he is a tough fight and is grouped with 2 other skellies... I realy recomend having a mezzer and 2 healers for this fight... he has about the same HP count as the brutes but hits much harder and has some nasty AoE spells that can wipe a weaker group in a few seconds... GL and have fun!.. this is a great quest to do to get some decent weapons and maybe a armor piece from Galintari!
(by )
Galantari the Apocryphal (by Voladejel)
03 Amagidana the Deceiver M [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: -1119,516) add / see comments | submit help info
Lvl 19 Heroic, Part of a mob common in Firemyst Gully.
(by Dalmion Hunter of Undead, member of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye)
04 Higban the Charred Sergeant M [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: -1150,600) add / see comments | submit help info

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Quests available on map: F04 Firemyst Gully

Cleansing of the Firemyst Gully lvl: 18, from 02, Sir Thothur Dorarr

NPCs on this Map:
Galantari the Apocryphal @ 02
Sir Thothur Dorarr @ 02
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