J02 Nektropos Castle II Map

First map by Rimi Faydark server
Second map by Mendum Mountintall Runnyeye/Splitpaw server
Third map by leynah Storm serve
Great thanks to all for making them, sending it to our site :)

Level Range 25 - 35
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Map Legend:

01 Library [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: 0,0) add / see comments | submit help info
a book - NCII
Quest: Lore and Legend: Fairy  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
In the Library, inspect one of the books on the tables. (by Eisman)
the crystal ball
Quest: A Crystalline Vision  (33lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Stop a murder after examining the crystal ball in the hidden room in lbrary on second floor. Steps:
1) Head to the northern part of second floor and kill two caretakers.
Reward: 1g and a bit of silver and copper as well as a hammer: Caretaker's Bludgeoner ( 43.6 rating, +4 int, +6 agi, +4 str, +7 wis, +43 health, +39 power, 2H great hammer 205 min skill) (by Ashini of Faydark)
02 Room near Sheila's bedroom [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: 0,0) add / see comments | submit help info
a desk Loc: 35, -16
Quest: A Cauldron's Calling  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
First examine a cauldron in the secret room of the library - loc [-22, 33].
Kill 4 Dolls of Nyth in Nektropos Castle.

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Quests available on map: J02 Nektropos Castle II

A Cauldron's Calling lvl: 30, from 02 Room near Sheila's bedroom, a desk
A Crystalline Vision lvl: 33, from 01 Library, the crystal ball
Lore and Legend: Fairy lvl: 25, from 01 Library, a book - NCII

NPCs on this Map:
a book - NCII @ 01 Library
a desk @ 02 Room near Sheila's bedroom
the crystal ball @ 01 Library
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