J05 Nektropos Castle Bas. (old) Map

Great thanks to Fireclaw Champions of Twilight - Befallen Server for sending this map.
Level Range 25 - 35
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Map Legend:

01 a create [+ see more] » locate it on map
(Coordinates: 0,0) add / see comments | submit help info
Location: -14, -32.
a create
Quest: Heritage: A Missing Mask (Guise of the Deceiver )  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
- Starts by acquiring and reading a note found in a crate in the Nektropos Castle basement (the left room with the dolls)
- Go to the basement under Elise's room and kill Billy
- Kill Billy in the Game Room (his placeholders are the central spawn in the room) (note, you can zone in and out of Nek as long as you have not killed a sister, allowing you to spawn either the Game Room Billy or the Chapel Billy)
- Kill Billy in the Chapel (priestesses are his placeholder and they are a long respawn)
- Go to the Library and read the book in the secret chamber
- Go to the gourtyard, speak with Billy, and give him 5 gold. (The other option will break the quest.)
- Go to the jail and hail the Froglok Assassin
- Kill 21 Dolls of Nyth
- Kill the triggered spawn (spawns only once per instance and will appear if anyone is on the appropriate step of the Mask quest) Lamia outside of the library.
- Kill the Swine Lord
- Hail the Froglok Assassin (Everyone must hail and advance at the same pace or he despawns and does not reappear for 10 minutes.)
- Kill Everling and recover the mask from the chest in his lab.

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

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Quests available on map: J05 Nektropos Castle Bas. (old)

Heritage: A Missing Mask (Guise of the Deceiver ) lvl: 35, from 01 a create, a create

NPCs on this Map:
a create @ 01 a create
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