R00 BC D'Morte Burial Chamber Map

D'Morte burial Chamber, acess zone for the adventure pack the Bloodline Chronicles
Big thanks to Linthas Darkstar Splitpaw server for making and sending this map.
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Map Legend:

01 - comment [+ see more] » locate it on map
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We open all graves, and went to the coffin (and got medallion). Went up to the west fragile wall (described as 7b on map), and the wall was not targetable. May need to open wall before opening last grave(s). (by Ellsworth)
02 Hellmark quest:: The D'Morte Family Crest [+ see more] » locate it on map
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Quest: Hallmark: The D'Morte Family Crest  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Clearig all the Named from the gravestones in the Burial Chamber will open the Coffin. You recieve a D'Morte Family Crest. Examine it and it will tell you to head to Timber Falls Once there you head back to D'Morte Burial Chambers and enter the 2nd phase called Ascension. Once you complete Ascension and examine the Crest again, it will have you head to Timber Falls for the Tomb of Night. (by Ryusin, Guild Leader of the Silent Outlanders of Grobb)

When you use /claim and receive the Ring of D'Morte it tells you to find the D'Morte Burial Chambers. The mobs in this version are all 30 and do NOT re-spawn once dead. Once you find the chambers just inside you find a tomb. The tomb is sealed by an unknown force. After you realize the tomb is sealed you will notice that there are multiple tombstones lying around the caverns. Upon Examining the tombstones you will find the names of different Members of the D'Morte Family. If you choose to disturb the graves (which you have to in order to unlock the tomb) The grave stone will depop and a Ghost (arrgo) of the named will spawn. After you kill all the named that pop from the gravestones, head back to the sealed tomb and you will be able to open it. Once opened you will receive the Crest of D'Morte.
Upon examining the Crest, it tells you to check out Timber falls. Once you go under the waterfall in timber-falls it tells you that you should check out the burial Chambers again.
Once inside the 2nd version of the Burial Chambers, you will notice the mobs have gotten a little bit stronger (level 34 ,) but still do not re-spawn once dead. The Sealed tomb is now gone. However there is a named up Iveration (Will edit back in the actual name of the mob, it escapes me right now) that must die. Once you kill then Named mob your Crest is transformed into Crest of D'Morte. Before leaving the zone, you will notice a thick wall (target-able) behind where the named was standing. Behind this partial broken wall you will find a coffin. Inside the coffin you will find yet another member of the D'Morte family. You do not have to kill her but you are already there so might as well. When you examine your new Crest you are told to head behind Timer Falls again.

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Quests available on map: R00 BC D'Morte Burial Chamber

Hallmark: The D'Morte Family Crest lvl: 35, from 02 Hellmark quest:: The D'Morte Family Crest, crest

NPCs on this Map:
crest @ 02 Hellmark quest:: The D'Morte Family Crest
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