J07 Nektropos Castle 50 - II Map

Level Range 50
Great thanks to Stefan AKA Dakka 48 Troubador in Greylords on Guk Server for making and sending this map.

Here is a map of Nektropos castle the level 50 instance. They have made some changes to the layout and the sisters bedrooms. The names are not always up but the ring even has been.
Coordinates dont work on this map, sorry.

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01 Melanie [+ see more] » locate it on map
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Where the map say alexa is..(she isent in nek2 at all)..Alana is in the most eastern room in the same corridor and lord everling is in the middle room (south) in the same corridor. Have to kill alanna to get to melanie and after that you can open door to everling. (by Examer of runnyeye)
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