Exacting Revenge on the Crabs Quest

starting map: D11 The Sunken City
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: a twitching crab claw
link to map:D11 The Sunken City | a twitching crab claw
optimal level: 5

Quest is given from a twitching crab claw which is a rare chest drop off the crabs. Brine sifters are lvl 3-4 and range from normal to single arrow up and sometimes are in groups. Bulky Brine Sifters are lvl 4-6 and are all single arrow up. Kill 30 crabs. Reward: Mark of the Crabslayer +2 agi +1 wis +30 magic resist +30 poison resist. 14 mitigation at 14. Waist Slot. Minimal cash reward
(by Elihad D'vinn of Divinity, Antonia Bayle Server)

Map: D11 The Sunken City

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