Hides for Brianna Quest

starting map: G00 Thundering Steppes
starting location: 04 The Village of Thundermist
NPC: Brianna
link to map:G00 Thundering Steppes | Brianna
optimal level: 29

Hunt Rumblers in the Rumbler Caves (instanced zone) to get 15 tough rumbler hides, that have never seen daylight. Rublers are level 24-25 by groups of 3-4, most of them are 2 arrows down (only solo encounters).
Reward: 0.6% xp at level 29, and one item among these 4: Brianna's Mephitic Boots: +8 str +15 health +120 vs disease Medium Armor Mitigation 87 Flayed Rumbler Skin Boots: +3 sta +7 health +10 power +80 vs magic Light Armor Mitigation 78 Gilded Rumbler Skin Slippers: +8 int +7 health +8 power Very Light Armor Mitigation 29 Subterrestrial Beast Bone Tonlets: +3 sta +4 agi +11 health +5 power Heavy Armor Mitigation 113 All are for level 24, mastery at level 29 (by [email protected] DLere, Storms of Vengeance)

Map: G00 Thundering Steppes

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