Access Quest: An Eroded Key Quest

starting map: H00 The Commonlands
starting location: Unlinked to specific location
NPC: an eroded key
link to map:H00 The Commonlands | an eroded key
optimal level: 15

First, kill a bloodskull messenger. Found just east of the Ruins of Valmarr. Then, find 4 magical mineral deposits "in the commonlands around the Bloodskull Valley'. Still working on that part. (by Meldan, Crimson Watch, Najena Server)

The mineral deposits are rocks along the southern edge of Commonlands, mostly behind the orc lumberjacks near the "wall" of the zone. They don't look like anything special but when you mouse over them the pointer turns to a hand.
(by Basill)

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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