Find the Perfect Centaur Shoe Quest

starting map: G00 Thundering Steppes
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: a shoe
link to map:G00 Thundering Steppes | a shoe
optimal level: 25

It seems a random drop from a centaur, you get a shoe, and it asks if you want to find the perfect centaur shoe. After killing many different types it was finally dropped to me by a level 25 Mystic. The drop point to me was 1149,229 In Thundermist Vally. Although you may find it anywhere.
Reward was a Shaped Fashioned Agate Necklace. +1int, +1st, +3str, +8health, +6power, +20cold, +80heat,+40poison (by Whitefeather)

Map: G00 Thundering Steppes

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