Heritage: Screaming Mace Quest

starting map: M00 Feerrott
starting location: 32 Stone Gullet, Agony
NPC: Ill Fated Cleric Journal
link to map:M00 Feerrott | Ill Fated Cleric Journal
optimal level: 40

- Kill Agony, a rare spawn wraith in the Feerrott (-1859.6, -22, +638.6) - his placeholders should be cleared when camping him.
- Starts with examining the “Ill Fated Cleric's Journal” (one journal per kill of Agony)
- Kill 40 random lizardman in Cazic-Thule
- Kill Kaxor the Cenobite - On top of either of the two temples on the sides of Venekor
- Kill Hukulan the Despoiler - Up top before the pyramids between the stone wall partitions
- Kill Tzugaax the Torturer - Downstairs in the Torturer Area (+63.85, 0, +2.31 among other places)
- Xilarga The Tae Ew Champion - Either of the side overhangs on the big temple behind Venekor
- Find the Fountain of Fear (waterfall from the back of the large temple in Cazic Thule)
- Find the Basin of Ba'Kur in Cazic Thule (loc 67.56, 0.0, 2.25.) (You have 1 hour to do this step but it can be done in 5 minutes with invisibility. To get there you enter the tunnels, and after passing the rooms with the glare lords, turn to the left. The room after the thulian fiend is the basin)
- Kill Thulian Terrofiends in Cazic until you obtain a key (uncommon)
- Kill the Keeper (Inside an instanced Sanctum of Fear which requires that at least one person have access. Once inside you will find a small room with four totems. You can right click to activate these. When they activate either four mobs will spawn, or the Keeper)
- Get the mace

(Ronja of Lowland Elites, Runnyeye. Dutch to English translations are provided by Khammar of Renegade Legion, Darathar)

Map: M00 Feerrott

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