More than Meets the Eye Quest

starting map: H00 The Commonlands
starting location: 11 Crossroads
NPC: Captain Vertas
link to map:H00 The Commonlands | Captain Vertas
optimal level: 16

Continuing in a series of quests from Captian Vertas, he asks you to scout the Dervish Camps to the west. You can get the update by the hut located at waypoint 1,228.92, -40.43, 355.11 not too far from the large Dervish encampment.
The reward is 1s 63c and a ring Vertas Footsoldier's Insignia. +2 sta +2agi +2health +2power mitigation-15, usable at lvl 10.
(by Tekaje Soh'Jin, Knights of Freeport, Antonia Bayle)

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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