An Ode to Oakmyst Quest

starting map: B15 Oakmyst Forest
starting location: 22
NPC: Poem Rock
link to map:B15 Oakmyst Forest | Poem Rock
optimal level: 12

Inspect Poem Rock. Travel to several locations. First location is the tree in the middle of the pond. Then run down the river to the waterfall. After waterfall run to the hill with all the squirrel things on top of it. After that cross the bridge and go past the badger spawn to where there is a tree on a very small ledge. (after Destroy the Corruption Quest)
The reward for this quest is the "Song Weaver Belt" with stats of: +11 Magic, +5 Poison, +1 Agility, +1 Wisdom and AC=13. The quest reward also offers 56 copper coins. (by Dobbin / Najena)

This quest is triggered by reading a poem on the rock foundhere. You are asked to visit a few locations in the zone: - Tree on Island in water with bear cub - Waterfall - On hill in middle of the fork near bridge - Over bridge near faeiries - Left wall near the Corrupted Dryads - Go into the caves and step on island. (by Nisus Bard of Crushbone)
reward:The Songweaver's Belt 8 AC when orange +1 AGI, WIS, 11 vs magic, 5 vs poison


Map: B15 Oakmyst Forest

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