The Search Begins Quest

starting map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands
starting location: 15
NPC: Rashad
link to map:T02 DF The Sinking Sands | Rashad
optimal level: 45

[ you must do the "Another Employer" quest first - it is the last quest from the serie given by Ghassan the Traders ]

Go to the Croc Caves and find some signs of a missing treasure hunter,

[ unlocks "Loney Crypt" quest ]

Rashad asks you to find the missing treasure hunters. Your first place to look is in the Crocodile Caves. I found two skeletal remains at the following coordinate: -1130, -545 -1195, -625 Neither one offered any update so I believe this quest is currently bugged. (by Yokatsu, Mistmoore Server)

Map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands

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