Beetle Herding - Act I Quest

starting map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands
starting location: 19
NPC: Xilla Beetlebinder
link to map:T02 DF The Sinking Sands | Xilla Beetlebinder
optimal level: 45

Xilla asks you to go out and herd skitterish scarabs toward the tarantulas, the scarabs will head for them if you stay near, the prod automatically procs as you go. When the skitterish scarabs get close enough to the tarantulas, they will kill the scarab and you loot the husk. there are 8 acts with increasing rewards as you go, at the end she will let you buy any and all her new wares for 1 cp each. Plate armor only!Curiass is ac 226 8str 40 health 25 power 188 disease and magic, all other pieces very similar in quality, very mediocre armour not worth doing at all. (by Ghidora (The Ka Tet) Oasis server)

Map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands

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