Scouring the Sands Quest

starting map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands
starting location: 17 Crock Hunters Camp
NPC: El'Khazi Nuhayd
link to map:T02 DF The Sinking Sands | El'Khazi Nuhayd
optimal level: 50

[ you must do the "Threads of the Desert" quest first ]

Gather the following:
- 10 Threads of Dune Tarantula Silk
- Dye from the shores of the dead tear (try to harvest any plants close to loc 4)
- Ethereal Fragment of the God King (kill a Sentinels of Anuk near loc 3 until update)
- Thread from the cap of a banished titan (kill a Kromtorrs until update)
- A Perfectly Shaped Chitinous Needle (kill a Dustwhip Scorpions until update)
- Wisp of Air from the highest dune

[ unlocks the "Rocky Correspondence" quest ]

Map: T02 DF The Sinking Sands

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