My Service for an Idol Quest

starting map: T01 DF Maj'Dul
starting location: 08 Golden Scepter
NPC: Barter Lord Tum Jal'dais
link to map:T01 DF Maj'Dul | Barter Lord Tum Jal'dais
optimal level: 47

[ you must be doing "A Damsel in Distress" quest to get this one ]

1. Kill a Samiel Outfitters in The Sinking Sands until you are done.
2. Then you must go to the Brigand Boneyard island. Climb on the wall and kill the pirates (they'll spawn as you aproach).
3. Click on the box to get a cargo and return to Lord.

Map: T01 DF Maj'Dul

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