Peace of Mind, Peace of Body Quest

starting map: EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount.
starting location: 54
NPC: Pacificator Merrek
link to map:EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount. | Pacificator Merrek
optimal level: 0

The Second Quellious Quest ((note now - have 10gp with you when you start!)) Speak With Merrek to gain the Quest - must have completed the first (AT Peace With The Mind)
STEP 1) Go To The Ancient Rings In Greater Faydark (loc 37 Greater Faydark Map, Loc -298,28) - sit and meditate a while until updates.
STEP 2) Seek a Small Island in Butcherblock Bay, from it you can hear the sirens sing. Head to Tidesylph Isle (loc 537, -101) A Feeling of Tranquility will wash over you. Meditate there until update - Return to Merrek.
STEP 3) Look for Sam in the Steamfont Mountains - this is Sister Sam (the cunning swines). Sister Sam is found close to Gnomeland Security (loc 54 at loc -668, 940). You speak to her, giving her a note and she attacks (30 Lv 1 down). After the fight, speak to her and she gives you 'a Sparring Partner' in your inventory. Once ready - examine the device - a Sparring Partner appears - kill this, unfortunately the device breaks and you need to seeka Gnome who can fix the device. Climb up to Gnomeland Security and find Julius (loc 54, loc -613, 995). He fixes the device BUT it costs 10gp - so have the money with you!! After the device is fixed - return to Sister Sam - she asks you to meditate with her a while, finally you give her the device back - and Return to Merrek.
Sit meditate with the fellow - and End of Quest!
REWARD +2500 Faction Quellious
Symbol of The Tranquil's Might (+8 STR, +8 STA, +40 Health, +10 Power, +332 Vs Heat, +322 Vs Cold)
Symbol of The Tranquil's Mind (+8 INT, +8 WIS, +10 Health, +40 Power, +332 Vs Magic, +322 Vs Mental)

(by Ethiran, The Professor, Lucan Dlere Server)

Map: EoF 10 Butcherblock Mount.

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