Access Quest: The Treaty for Treasure Quest

starting map: G00 Thundering Steppes
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: The Treaty for Treasure
link to map:G00 Thundering Steppes | The Treaty for Treasure
optimal level: 19

This area is accessed by completing the quest "Treaty for Treasure" from the TS zone. The quest "Treaty for Treasure" will complete as soon as you click to enter the instance. Only the leader of the party will get credit for completion by entering. So, once in, zone back out and switch leaders and repeat until everyone gets their completed mission. Inside this area, if you read the completed quest entry for treaty for treasure you will find a "implied" quest. That being to try and unlock the chest that the cents teamed up with the bloodsabers to get. Upon killing you MAY get a drop for a small, medium, or large key. All give a quest to find the chest it belongs to. Kill everything you see... All land enemies as well as the octopi?!? and the blood divers at the underwater ship. Once completed, you will notice some "nice" fish appear. They dont really need slaying. 4 Seagulls then appear (1st is on rock right at water, 4th is by entrence). Hail one (and only one) and it will lead you to a sea snake of some sorts (lvl 27 with arrows is what we got). After killing snake, find the next gull and repeat. After doing this your basically done unless you want to kill the fish as well. The only thing I beleive is a sure thing is the xp you get from killing everything. >From the reported outcomes on here as well as mine, I beleive all loots are random and you are not guarenteed that you will get key for underwater chest My group only looted a small and medium key. Small=chest in camp, Medium=chest behind rocks opposite of the camp on water's edge (Gull#1s loc) When i used the medium key I just got message that I gain experience from finding the chest or something like that. No real object The only other loot we (the lucky lotto memeber) got was a ring off the 1st monster we killed and then reptile skin off the second. Overall. this was cool area. Just dont go in looking for additional mission nor certainty that there is a grand loot at the end. My question, Has anyone got lucky and looted a key for underwater chest? If so what was in it? Older posts can be found under the Treaty for treasure quest listed under Thundering Steppes. And onlt post on someone getting the big key is bit unclear and possible bug. Anyone have a successful.
(by Maltanis, Befallen Paladin)

Map: G00 Thundering Steppes

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