Far Seas Requisition - # WC 045 Quest

starting map: H00 The Commonlands
starting location: Unlinked to specific location
NPC: Far Seas Requisition scroll #WC 045
link to map:H00 The Commonlands | Far Seas Requisition scroll #WC 045
optimal level: 20

I have discovered a Far Seas Requisition slip. The hunter charged with filling the order must have been slain. If I hunt down the creatures and fill the order I can deliver the order to a Taskmaster for a reward. The Requisition says the items I needed to fulfill the order are located within the Wailing Caves. Hunt Hoard Hounds for thier Hides.
You need to kill 6 Hoard Hounds in order to complete the quest. Some times 2 will spawn some times only 1. They will usually have 'A Storeroom Laborer' as part of their group if only 1 spawns.
(by Balrick, Riders of the Apocalypse, Najena)

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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