Far Seas Requisition #WC 002 Quest

starting map: H00 The Commonlands
starting location: Unlinked to specific location
NPC: Far Seas Requisition scroll #WC 002
link to map:H00 The Commonlands | Far Seas Requisition scroll #WC 002
optimal level: 20

I have discovered a Far Seas Requisition slip. The hunter charged with filling the order must have been slain. If I hunt down the creatures and fill the order I can deliver the order to a Taskmaster for a reward. I need to gather all the items on the requisition. I need to search within the Wailing Caves to find the items that I need. Kill 4 Lurid Crawlers Kill 4 Lurid Creepers Kill 2 Lurid Rippers Kill 1 Lurid Feeder
Start at the location given, and then move in deeper into that area of the cave, up towards the dead end. The deep you go you will pass each type of spider. The Crawlers however spawn right at the zone in.
(by Balrick, Riders of the Apocalypse, Najena)

Map: H00 The Commonlands

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