Access Quest: Secrets of Runnyeye Quest

starting map: L02 Runnyeye Citadel
starting location: 15
NPC: Dyrilisia
link to map:L02 Runnyeye Citadel | Dyrilisia
optimal level: 35

After compliting this quest you'll get acces to The Overlord's Throne Room.
1) Examine a pudle of gunk (loc 46 on our map).
2) Kill the Gorehorn Hammerhead (loc 22).
3) Return to Drilisia.
4) Talk to the Rubbish (he's in the Runnyeye Chef's room.
5) Inspect a pile of books in Runnyeye (loc 47).
6) Speak with Duke Zoryll (named Eye).
7) Kill the Thing of Shattered Iron and return to the Zoryll.

Map: L02 Runnyeye Citadel

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