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Detailed walkthrough through The Court of Al'Afaz epic instance. Maps, detailed encounter description and strategy hints can be found in this article. This walkthrough is not fully finished but we hope it can help other guilds to solve this nice epic zone.

Your faction with Al'Afaz Court will drop only by kills of named mobs in towers. There are no mobs in the open areas that would become aggro based on that faction at the moment. Currently not known what improves that faction. Revive inside zone possible, by zone-in. Re-entry is 6 days. Every kill of named gives decent amount of guild level exp. Majority of drops is no-trade, class specific, bring shamans and bards since lots drops for them here.

Dungeon on the way to the lift

By zone-in right side

After first jump by zone-in there is NPC The Keeper of the City Keys djinn like mob on right-hand side. To turn him aggro pull close by froglok gardeners. After encounter resets, he stays attackable. Best seems to disband one person from raid, get him naked, turn djinn aggro, let player die. Pull then can be done as with regular mob no need to bother with 5x froglok.

DUN1 The Keeper of the City Keys HP550k
ATT: Crush, Cold, Divine
RES: Cold, Poison, Piercing
AOE Chilling Mist, cold, ~3k+, min delay 45 sec
AOE Winds of Ancient, cold, ~3k+, min delay 30 sec
Kicks, so fight back to wall he is facing. Single specs are divine type.

Known drops:

  • \aITEM -826028395 Menacing Razor:Menacing Razor\/a

Proceed to the left lift, all mobs are non-aggro, no need to kill them. Way to lift from zone-in roughly; go over jumps until path goes no forward, jump down, go left past tent on left side, stick to right wall, climb down, follow path go right on junction,…

Lift-up (left)

Lift is guarded by The Prismatic Captain and several adds. If you try to step on lift they become aggro, so better to kill them first in following order. Pull adds first through Wiseman on left hand side, kill encounter. Pull The Prismatic Captain, kill him.

LFT1 Wiseman HP250k (heals)
ATT: Crush
RES: Slash (Crush)
+4x Prophet of Truth (heals) HP45k
ATT: Divine, Crush, Mental
RES: Divine
LFT2 The Prismatic Captain HP550k (heals)
ATT: Slash
RES: Slash (Crush)
Wrath of Fury, slash barrage 2k

Known drops:

  • \aITEM 1572052555 1613140151:Sacred Prismatic Gauntlets\/a
  • \aITEM 2130054825 1130561621:Sacred Prismatic Legplates\/a
  • \aITEM 1205188680 Captain's Ever-Shifting Vouge:Captain's Ever-Shifting Vouge\/a

Use lift up, you get to East Tower. Upstairs 5 mobs around lift, currently non-aggro.

Gardens Area

Lift arrives in East Tower 1st Floor

alafaz.png, 35 kB

North-Eeast area

NE1 Brius Lakado HP600k
ATT: Slash, (Crush)
RES: Crush
Walks between North and East towers. Drops also Epitaph, that is used later on with The Pattern Juggler in South tower 3rd floor.

Known drops:

  • \aITEM -114319803 335850181:Cuirass of the Djinn\/a

North-West area

Nothing, interesting.

South-East area

SE1 The Great Gardener HP420k
ATT: Slash, Poison (Heat)
RES: Divine, Crush
AOE Venemous Cloud, poison, ~3k+, min recast 50secs, short range
single target Fire and Ice, heat, ~4k
+3x a green gardener HP40k
ATT: Crush, (slash)
RES: none (mental)

Known drops:

  • \aITEM -526112740 1791024821:Gem Encrusted Gussets\/a

South-West area

SW1 Wolan Lakado HP560k
ATT: Slash, (Crush)
RES: Pierce
Walks between South and West towers.

Known drops:

  • \aITEM 1494147420 -1328360629:Necklace of Forgotten Wishes\/a
  • \aITEM 1452881468 Hoop of Endless Time:Hoop of Endless Time\/a
  • \aITEM -2100413730 877630266:Vestments of the Archmagus\/a
SW2 Moonchild HP500k
ATT: Crush, Cold
RES: none (crush)
AOE Chilling Mist, cold, ~3k, min recast 50secs, short range

Static encounter, stands in middle of water fountain. Once fight initiated he summons 3x Ghost of Pawn, they go to south tower to call Sunchild for help. With first pull Sunchild spawns in South Tower and stays there afterwards. Once any of ghosts reaches south tower, Sunchild comes.

+3x Ghost of Pawn HP25k
ATT: Crush ~700 on tank
RES: none
Is summoned by Moonchild to call for help Sunchild.

Known drops:

  • \aITEM 1690003572 -674241575:Wish-Forged Pauldrons\/a
  • \aITEM -166070405 -1609313269:Leggings of Silvershadow\/a

Ghosts spawn at the very moment of pull by fountain on south side. They are 3 and very fast moving, weak to fight, each separate encounter. If you manage to attack them they will not proceed to South Tower. If single person attacks them and they kill that player, they will still stop on the spot, no need to kill them, they will not proceed to South Tower. If another pull is needed, new set of 3 will be summoned no matter whatever the previously summoned ghosts are still alive or not.

It is absolute priority to stop those ghosts, they run generally on the path, but cut some corners and get to green, so might generate -target not visible- message at some points. Aproach we used is to synchronize pull with finish of casting some cross-encounter AOE spell at ghost spawn point, catches them well. Still have back-up players on the way to South Tower to stop those that will escape. If you dedicate three groups that will catch ghosts and one group to pull, it is worth it. The other groups can join pull group half a minute later once ghosts are secured. You do not want Sunchild to mess with you while fighting Moonchild, trust us.

Sunchild HP-k (we did not kill him yet)
ATT: Slash, Heat
RES: not measured
ST, Soul Burn, 1 target, heat, ~8k
AOE Enthralling Flames, heat, ~5k+, recast not measured, perhaps 30 secs
Stands in South Tower 1st floor. He is not spawned before first pull of Moonchild.


East Tower - perhaps 1st weakest

1st floor 5x 62x4+++ lateman
2nd floor empty
3rd floor The Purple Piper HP550k (E64+++x4)
ATT: Pierce, Mental
RES: Mental, Magic
+ 2x Lateman HP40k
ATT: Slash
RES: Mental

Known drops:

  • \aITEM -1444044578 -489260855:Patternspinner\/a
  • \aITEM -1670214044 Bangle of Melodic Speed:Bangle of Melodic Speed\/a

West Tower - perhaps 2nd weakest

1st floor 5x Orchestral Minion HP40k
ATT: Crushing (Mental, Magic)
RES: none (Mental)
Aggro, do not walk inside too far. Not impressive attack ~1k, but there is 5 of them, can be messed.
2nd floor empty
3rd floor Maestra of Dissonance HP 550k
ATT: Crushing, Mental (Magic, Heat)
RES: Magic, Crush (Mental)
+orcheastral vibratto HP40k
ATT: Crushing, Magic
RES: Mental, Pierce
+orchestral contralto HP40k
ATT: Crushing, Magic
RES: Mental, Slash

Known drops:

  • \aITEM -1895917991 -1195374169:Fetid Chainmail Shoulder Pads\/a
  • \aITEM -1897912710 1230262480:Fetid Chainmail Wristguards\/a

South Tower - perhaps 3rd weakest

1st floor nothing/Sunchild
Spawns with Moonchild encounter, runs to help Moonchild that sends Ghost of Pawns to reach him, once they do.
2nd floor empty
3rd floor The Pattern Juggler HP550k (NPC, E64+++x4)
ATT: Crush, Heat (Mental)
RES: Crush
ST Piercing Shriek, 1 target, mental 3,500 ~60 secs
AOE DOT Course of Insanity, heat, ~100 ticks every 1 second

Right-click-show him epitaph from Brius Lakado and he gets aggro immediately. Once epitaph given if more tries needed, he becomes aggro on proximity/after some time so better to buff downstairs and initiate fight fast. Attention: In case you do not give him epitaph, he spawns T6 epic encounters versions of old T5 nameds after while in following order: Pkwrzr, Udalan, K'Dal,...

Known drops:
  • \aITEM 1639249370 2101765384:Flared Royal Bracers\/a
  • \aITEM 1789809274 2029202215:Totemic Mithril Helm\/a

North Tower - lift starts to operate once you kill nameds in other 3 towers

1st floor empty
2nd floor empty
3rd floor Hailing The Black Queen spawns The Fire Witch.
The Fire Witch HP 550k (drain-heals, Soul Burn)
ATT: Heat, Pierce (Magic)
RES: Fire, Pierce (Crush)
AOE Enthralling Flames, heat, ~3k+, min recast 30 secs
AOE Soul Burn, heat, ~2k+, min recast 30 secs

Known drops:

  • \aITEM 1066632239 -2034122335:Necklace of Inner Fire\/a
  • \aITEM -815420033 -610000095:Flame Etched Gloves\/a

Once killing The Fire Witch, The Black Queen encounter becomes aggro. Might be good idea to pull witch right before she dies far from queen so you are able to loot chest without getting aggro from queen.

The Black Queen (we did not kill her yet)

ATT: Magic, Pierce (Magic)
RES: not measured
AOE Dark Visage, magic, ~6k, recast not measured :
+ 2x Staunch Pilgrim HP-k
ATT: Crush
RES: not measured

Other information

Faction hits: The Purple Piper, The Pattern Juggler, Meastra of Dissonance
-Your faction standing with The Court of Al'Afaz got worse.-

Valid as of 20/12/2005

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